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Capital Raising

As part of parent company Landmark Ventures, SIS Omni has a strong network of active investors and innovation leaders which allows us to identify, qualify, and generate valuable funding opportunities for impact entrepreneurs looking to grow their organizations through fully managed Community Rounds or SIS Omni's investment banking group. Our expertise, growth focus, and unique ecosystem allow us to find, advance, and close the right deal for our clients, in scale and size.

Strategic Insights

With our deep network of private, public, and social sector partners, SIS Omni is well positioned to provide strategic support to your CSR-ESG-DEI initiatives given our unparalleled market knowledge across myriad social impact topic areas. Our industry-leading summits have served for almost two decades as a hub to engage with tens of thousands of executives and extract their approaches and best practices to initiatives similar to yours. Our work is anchored on our greatest asset: the strong friendships and community derived from the Social Innovation Summit platform of annual events.

SIS Omni boasts a team of experts ready to support you in various projects, including brand purpose development, CSR-ESG-DEI strategy, landscape analysis, purpose amplification, narrative development, digital channel evolution, and more. We have already successfully led projects for esteemed organizations like the Gates Foundation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), AT&T, and others.

Impact Advisory

SIS Omni provides valuable introductions to our deep network of cross-sector and cross-industry executive contacts in order to identify and arrange highly qualified partnership opportunities for our clients. We have unparalleled entrée through our comprehensive subject matter expertise and deep access to organizations, providing the ability to accelerate your growth, connect you to potential partners, and expand your initiatives. We also host Virtual Roundtables with leading experts and Executive Briefings that spotlight innovation trends likely to impact client-led initiatives. Through our unique approach, we’ve helped many corporate and nonprofit social impact programs and initiatives build collaborative connections that amplify impact.

Curated Convenings

We feature a comprehensive team of experienced event professionals committed to helping our clients and partners accelerate growth initiatives through dynamic audience relationships with key target executives at custom events, either virtually (webinars, roundtables), in target cities (VIP dinners, salons, receptions), or intimate networking opportunities during industry gatherings such as UN General Assembly, CES, Social Innovation Summit, Austin in March, and more. Our services range from fully managed logistics, to event marketing and production, to event format and content creation, to recruiting high-caliber attendees.

Job, Board & Speaker Placement

Producing almost two decades of highly curated convenings, we have authentic relationships with a wide range of outstanding impact leaders who are a perfect fit for your open staff position (entry-level to executive), board seat, and speaking opportunity (panelist, main stage, group convening). Due to our extensive SIS subject-matter expertise across 40+ topics and themes, we know your purpose-driven initiatives and understand the leader you need at the table. Our process puts you in front of social impact professionals who are actively engaged with the issues and experienced in the work.

Social Innovation Leadership Council (SILC)

SILC is an intimate, invite-only, open-source community in which our highly respected network of curated CSR-ESG-DEI executives can connect with a truly leading group of influencers to seek quick advice, share best practices, and collaborate in an informal and supportive setting. SILC also serves as an Advisory Board to the Social Innovation Summit helping to plan, support, and drive content and ideas. Members receive preferred opportunities to suggest Summit themes and nominate speakers aligned with specifics topics. In addition to the Social Innovation Summit, SILC members have priority access to attend and speak at other Landmark Ventures events, including: Dealmakers Summit, CIO Summit, plus various VIP Dinners, Salons, and Virtual Roundtables. The true benefit of SILC is to have a close-knit circle of CSR, ESG, and DEI experts at your fingertips through a shared community conversation as you have questions or requests for ideas, resources, connections, insights, and more.

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